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First: Get a Checkup

Meet with your healthcare provider to see whether you’ll need to consider any special modifications before starting an exercise program. If necessary, get a clearance to begin a program.

Start Slowly

Many people are eager to get started in exercising but can sometimes overdo it which usually afterwards makes them sore and want to give up and stop. A good way to start slowly is to discover you baseline. Record all your activities during each waking hour or for two-or three-hour time blocks, taking how much time you are sedentary (e.g. sitting at your desk) or active (e.g. walking to the bus stop). At each day’s end, count how many hours you have and how many you have not been physically active. Then figure out when you can fit some short (e.g. 10 minutes) bouts of brisk walking into your day.

Walking for Senior Health

Here’s another senior health care tip. When walking for senior exercise, it is important that you keep a normal stride. Over-extending our stride length jolts your joints and actually slows us down. You may also put stress on your joints and ligaments by trying to go very quickly or by lengthening your stride too much. Take is easy! Studies show that walking is just as effective as running for aerobic exercise. It may take you a bit longer, but that just gives you more opportunities to stop and smell the roses.

Senior Health and Medications

One of the foremost senior health issues of the days is prescription medication. Whether the issue is money or drug interaction, every senior citizen needs to use their head when thinking about medication.

For instance, when your physician prescribes new medication for you, always ask if he/she has any samples to give you. It’s not wise to pay for new medications without knowing if you can take them without having severe side effects. Even if getting renewal prescriptions for medications you can ask for samples. Although, make sure your physician knows all of the medication you are taking because you want to avoid any drug interaction reactions.

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